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Happy birthday, Leo Tolstoy!

Happy 186th birthday, Leo Tolstoy! Google honours the man today with a beautiful animated doodle by artist Roman Muradov. Here are some screen grabs from the doodle, matched up with the Cozy Classics versions! And did you know that the BBC is planning an epic 6-part adaptation of War and Peace for 2015! Here’s the latest news on the project. Read more →

Cozy Classics in American Craft

In case you missed it, here’s the full profile of Cozy Classics from the April / May 2014 issue of American Craft. American Craft is absolutely gorgeous magazine, and a must-read for artists and crafters everywhere. The online version of the article is here. Cozy Classics is also featured in this American Craft trailer at 1:32, where we’re praised for… Read more →


We’re sharing with you today the first ever Cozy Classics concept shot from early 2010: Ishmael from Moby Dick. As you can see, a lot has changed since then. The single words appear opposite the illustration now, instead of superimposed on top. We thought we would be relying heavily on suggestive 2-D backgrounds, such as maps, old etchings and other… Read more →