After Pip receives a fortune from a mysterious benefactor, he goes off to London to become a gentleman. Will this be enough to win Estella’s heart?


Pip — The Lovelorn Orphan 

Estella — The Unrequited Love

Miss Havisham — The Eccentric Spinster

Magwitch — The Convict


Pip, a young orphan, lives with his sister and her husband on the marshes of Kent. One Christmas Eve, while visiting his parents’ graves, he runs into an escaped convict who demands food and a file for his leg irons. Terrified, Pip does as he is told. Fortunately, the convict is captured and taken away the very next day.

Soon Pip visits Satis House, home of Miss Havisham, a wealthy spinster with odd habits, like wearing an old wedding dress around the house and keeping all of her clocks set to the same time. Miss Havisham has adopted a daughter, Estella, and Pip falls in love with her, but Estella treats him coldly.

One day, Pip receives a fortune from an unknown benefactor and goes to London to begin his education as a gentleman, believing that Miss Havisham has given him the gift so that he might be worthy of Estella. However, he eventually learns that his real benefactor is Magwitch—the convict!—who wanted to repay Pip’s kindness as a boy.

Pip thinks his hopes for Estella are dashed, but when Miss Havisham sees what a fine gentleman he’s become, she apologizes for teaching Estella to break men’s hearts as revenge for being left at the altar. Miss Havisham is soon injured in a fire, but Pip and Estella find their way to each other again!