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Video of Holman’s talk at IV15!

Interesting Vancouver is a fascinating gathering of the curious and unexpected. More than another “sage on the stage” lecture series, Interesting Vancouver is an event that celebrates the uncelebrated, expands the collective vision of what is uniquely possible, and gives people an opportunity to discover interesting new creative pursuits they can apply in their own lives. Holman had the very… Read more →

Les Miserables: An artistic choice

We make many artistic decisions when we create Cozy Classics. Given that we only have 12 words and 12 images to work with, each word and image choice is critical. We consider a number of factors when deciding on our words and images, such as the child-friendliness of the word, whether the word can be appropriately dramatized through an illustration,… Read more →

Top 100 Best First Lines From Novels

When Jack and I began thinking about which two titles to launch Cozy Classics with back in early 2010, we knew we wanted a “girl-friendly” title and a “boy-friendly” title. We also wanted the titles to be popular while still having a certain amount of literary gravitas. Beyond that, it was a wide-open choice. Many worthy candidates were discussed, but… Read more →

Melville on Motherhood

Moby Dick was first published in 1851. Not exactly the hey-day of involved fathering. Herman Melville’s epic—-with a central plot chronicling Captain Ahab’s monomaniacal pursuit of the Great White Whale, and numerous meandering asides which painstakingly detail aspects of the whaling industry—-is not where one would expect to find a deft observation by Melville on the delicate subject of breastfeeding.… Read more →