The Cozy Classics backlist has re-launched with Chronicle Books! Brand new Cozy Classics titles from Chronicle are Great Expectations (spring 2016), The Nutcracker (fall 2016), and The Wizard of Oz (spring 2017).


Cozy Classics is the popular board book series presenting well-loved stories through 12 child-friendly words and 12 needle-felted illustrations. Haven’t read the classics in a while? No worries. Click on the covers below for story synopses, character lists, quotations from the original classics, and more.



After Pip receives a fortune from a mysterious benefactor, he goes off to London to become a gentleman. Will this be enough to win Estella’s heart?


After Mr. Darcy refuses to dance with Elizabeth, he has a change of heart. Will Elizabeth overcome her first impressions and accept his offer of marriage?


When Ishmael joins the whale ship Pequod, he meets a mysterious captain named Ahab. Will Ahab succeed in his quest to find the whale that took his leg?


As Napoleon moves into Russia, Andrei and Pierre, two men who love the same woman, fight to save their country. Which man will Natasha choose

FALL 2016


After Maria receives a nutcracker for Christmas, it magically comes alive after she falls asleep. What adventures await her in the Land of Sweets?


After going from rags to riches, Jean Valjean rescues Cosette from a life of misery. Will they escape the mysterious man who appears from Valjean’s past?


Despite Mr. Knightley’s objections, Emma is determined to see her friend Harriet married to a gentleman. Will Emma succeed in making the match?


After running away from home, Huck meets a man who is making his own escape. Will Huck find the courage to help Jim reach freedom?


A terrible cyclone sweeps Dorothy and her dog Toto to the Land of Oz. Can her strange new friends help Dorothy get back to Kansas?

Tom is an imaginative boy who is always getting into trouble. Will he and Huck survive the storm? Will he and Becky escape the cave?

After moving to Thornfield Hall, Jane discovers that Mr. Rochester is hiding a terrible secret. Will she still marry the man she loves?

After years of hardship in an orphanage, Oliver runs away to London, where he joins a gang of pickpockets. Will he escape a life of crime


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