QM Residency (Redux)

Holman had the pleasure of returning to Queen Mary Elementary in Vancouver for another Artist-in-Residence stint in January 2017. This, time Holman worked with students on “value spheres” — multi-layered wool balls that would represent the core values of each student. The process began with rolling wool tightly and then dipping the ball into warm, soapy water. Then the work began: 20 to 25 minutes of rubbing, kneading, and squeezing the spheres.

Some students managed to work and have fun at the same time!

Here are some of the students working, supported by attentive teachers and parent volunteers.

Then after the wool spheres were felted, they were rinsed with cold water. Then it was time for the big reveal! Holman did the slicing with a sharp box-cutter and… ta da!

Look at the amazing results! Each sphere was unique and beautiful.

Here’s the work of one of the classes.

And here’s a close-up of some of the spheres.

A big thank you to the students, teachers and parents of Queen Mary Elementary for the wonderful opportunity to be a part of your school community for a few days! I hope everyone was entertained and inspired!