Cozy Classics website update!

Being a children’s book author and illustrator is like running your own small business. And as any small business owner knows, sometimes you have to wear a lot of hats. In our case, one of those hats includes “web designer.”

Armed with absolutely no website-building experience whatsoever, Holman built the original Cozy Classics website over two years ago. But it wasn’t mobile optimized, wasn’t terribly easy to navigate, loaded slowly, and had white text on black background (which created that horrible residual image in your eyes when you went back to a white screen)

Over the last week or so, Holman has revamped the website to address the above issues. So welcome to 2.0!

In addition to making general improvements to the functionality of the site, we’ve added more story support details. Now you’ll find character lists, synopses and select quotations for all our titles — just click on a cover image on our BOOKS page. We hope this will enhance your experience sharing Cozy Classics with your little ones! If you’d like to see any further improvements to our site, please let us know.


cozy classics website