Cozy Classics in Publishers Weekly

This week, Cozy Classics had the honour of being included in the Publishers Weekly Children’s Bookshelf, a bi-weekly newsletter on all that’s new and notable in the world of children’s books. The article on Cozy Classics was written by the funny and gracious Judith Rosen, Publishers Weekly‘s New England correspondent. Holman had the good fortune to meet her at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association fall festival in Tacoma, Washington in October, where they struck up several conversations. Judith interviewed Holman on Tuesday, and by Thursday, Cozy Classics had the privilege of appearing in the esteemed publication.

As Judith notes in her piece, there are no computer graphics used in Cozy Classics. All images are created either by being shot in studio using small, hand-made sets for backgrounds, or shot on location at parks and beaches. Sometimes images requiring sky in the background are shot out open windows.

Below is a behind-the-scenes look at how the stained glass window was created for the marriage scene in Pride and Prejudice. First, a high resolution photograph of a stained-glass window was copied in colour onto transparent film. Then holes were cut out of a piece of black cardstock. Finally, the transparency was taped to the the cardstock and backlit to recreate the feel of a church. No CGI magic here — just good old-fashioned paper, tape, and overhead transparency film! We can’t think of any better way to honour the classics.