“Official Launch” of Publicity Campaign With Smith Publicity

Today marks the “official launch” of Cozy Classics‘ six-week publicity blitz with Smith Publicity, a firm specializing in book marketing with offices in New Jersey, New York, Toronto and London. We say “official launch” in quotes because all the work the first few days are in-house, but it won’t be long before Smith Publicity begins talking up Cozy Classics. And the Coziest publicist of them all will be Sarah Miniaci (above), our buzz-meister extraordinaire based in Toronto. We’ll also be working with Kate Knapp, Director of Publicity Services. Smith Publicity has worked on campaigns for over 1500 authors and publishers, and we can’t wait to get rolling. Go get ’em, Sarah and Kate!

A special thanks to Holman’s former book agent Robert Mackwood of Seventh Avenue Literary Agency and Mackwood Publishing Consultants for introducing us to Smith Publicity.